Ms. Xu Qun, General Manager of Greenroad, inspected various branches in West Africa and held a customer appreciation meeting

Date: 2019.10.31
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A person may go very far, but a group of people can go further. Today, Greenroad is inseparable from the support and trust of customers. It is inseparable from the sweat, hard work and love of our team every day. After the successful end of the East African Appreciation banquet, Ms. Xu Qun, the general manager of Greenroad, took the lead. When she went to West Africa, she embarked on a trip to thank customers and condolences to employees and inspections.


First stop - Togo

After five years, the Togo branch finally saw the second visit of General Manager Xu Qun. The trip to West Africa led by the general manager of Xuji and the head of the companyslowly began. Although only staying for four days, when stepping into this hot land again, it no longer gave the impression of a once desolate place.

During these four days, General Manager Xu Qun led our digital marketing and customer service elites to visit local Chinese enterprises, customs, and port authorities, and held a customer appreciation dinner on May 28th. She expressed our gratitude to all Chinese companies for their support and love in recent years:
Visiting the Chinese Embassy in Togo

Thank you for the dinner.
The trip to Togo has drawn a successful conclusion in the speeches of the distinguished guests. We believe that under the guidance of the leaders, the Togo branch will be perfected and prosperous!

Second stop - Benin

After the visit and guidance work in Togo, Xu Qun and the leaders drove to the neighboring Benin branch to carry out various tasks.During this period, they visited the embassy ambassadors of Benin and the leaders of various Chinese-funded enterprises and local branches. Conducting many meetings and guiding work, conveying the arduous post-mission and the future development direction of our company. This visit greatly inspired our Chinese staff in Benin and had great confidence in the work that followed the development blueprint of the headquarters.

Speech by General Manager Xu Qun

Speech by Deputy General Manager Ding Fengping
There must be a leadership group with the ability to show up!
The dinner in Benin was very lively. After the guests, the guests gave a high evaluation and hoped that our company will go further and further and create miracles in the logistics industry.

Third stop - Burkina Faso

After the end of Benin, the leaders rushed to Burkina Faso to visit the staff of the embassy and the distinguished customers of the Chinese-funded enterprises. During the period, it was also fortunate to participate in the Chinese government’s assistance unloading ceremony in Burkina Faso with Chinese government officials:

Photo with Ambassador Li Jian
And a group of leaders came to guide the unloading
The Chinese government officials in the government said that since the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Burkina Faso, cooperation between the two countries has been continuously promoted and achieved fruitful results. The Chinese side's material exchanges with the other countryare an embodiment of the cooperation between the two countries in the field of people's livelihood.

Fourth stop - Niger

In June, Niamey, the capital of Niger, did not feel like it was entering the rainy season. The temperature remained hot. Under the leadership of General Manager Xu Qun, a group of leaders began a seven-day visit. It was busy, filled with customer visits and new business promotion.
During the visit in Niger, this Greenroad leader, known for being young, handsome, professional and hardworking, visited various Chinese-funded enterprises in Niger. Everywhere, everyone laughed and talked about the future! 
Greenroad International Logistics Niger Branch was registered in 2009. The company has been providing quality services to domestic and foreign customers for 10 years. At the same time as the customers continue to recognize, these partners also put forward more sincere and valuable advice.
Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the leadership team for each of our leading colleagues: You have worked hard!

Fifth stop – Mali

The Greenroad Mali Branch congratulated the Lily Hotel, a famous Chinese restaurant in Bamako, for its grand opening. The dinner was successfully completed under the leadership of Xu Qun and a group of leaders and the staff of the Mali branch!

Speech by General Manager Xu Qun
West Africa business manager Zhang Shiguo Zhang speech
Xu Qun general manager and customer representatives discuss our future development vision
Photo with local government officials 
The leaders and the customs staff took a photo with the Mali branch's thank-you dinner to make Greenroad's momentum and style. It was attended by the major companies in the local area and played a good role in promoting the local business development of Greenroad.

Sixth stop - Senegal

General Manager Xu Qun and various leaders conducted business investigations and official visits in Dakar, Senegal. On the night of the arrival, the local Chinese hotel hosted a group of customers and expressed gratitude and support for the cooperation with the Greenroad Senegal team.
At the same time, General Manager Xu Qun and her party also visited the local customs and leaders of various Chinese-funded enterprises and in-depth understanding of the local market and market, which laid a firm foundation for the company's further expansion in the Senegal market.
In addition, during the visit of Ms. Xu and his entourage, it was the case that the bulk cargo of the 16th Bureau of Mali was transferred to Hong Kong. Because of the ultra-long and extra-wide cargo, the bulk cargo was difficult to transport. In order to ensure the safety of cargo transportation, Ms. Xu also specially went to the port for on-the-spot inspection and conducted training on the transportation of ultra-long and ultra-wide cargo to guide the local team to better complete the transportation task.
Went to the port to see the goods

Seventh stop - Côte d'Ivoire

At the last stop of the West African Appreciation Tour, the Côte d'Ivoire Branch's thank-you banquet was held in the famous Wangfu Hotel in Abidjan. The dinner was hosted by General Manager Xu Qun, Deputy General Manager Ding Fengping, General Manager of Africa Customer Service Li Lifeng, Vice President of Marketing of Africa Zhang Yebin, and the regional marketing manager of West Africa Zhang Shiguo, under the leadership of the team and the staff of the Côte d'Ivoire branch, achieved great success! More than 30 companies and institutions attended the dinner that evening.

Speech by General Manager Xu Qun
Deputy General Manager Ding Fengping and General Manager of Africa Customer Service, Li Lifeng introduced the company's business

Customer representative highly praised Greenroad
The evening banquet sawGreenroad's lead speech, Greenroad’s business profile, and the Chinese companies' leading speeches. The banquet had meals and 4 links.In the middle, the fun event had draws, and the prizes were generous.
The Côte d'IvoireBranch's thank-you dinner made the sincerity and attitude that Greenroad deserves, showed the power of tapping into the local potential market, and local recognition has played a good role in promoting Greenford's follow-up business.
At this point, the Greenroad Africa Appreciation Banquet Tour has come to an end. A field appreciation meeting embodies Greenford's sincere gratitude and unwavering belief in the future. Looking back, we are content and proud. Looking forward to the future, we are still passionate.