Welcome Luo Zhisong,chief economist of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce to pay Greenroad a visit and give instructions on Greenroad’s work.

Date: 2022.03.02
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On the afternoon of February 25, Luo Zhisong, chief economist of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and his party visited Greenroad and held talks with Ms. Xu Qun, chairman of Greenroad.
During the meeting, chairman Xu Qun introduced the development of Greenroad to Luo Zhisong and his delegation. Since 2008,Greenroad has established 48 companies aboard,including Asia, Africa, America and Eastern Europe, such as Cote d'IvoireSenegal, Mali, Togo, Niger, Nepal and East Timor.

Greenroad is the only logistics enterprise selected in the report on Chinese enterprises investing in Africa published by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of foreign affairs of China in 2021 and the exhibition cases of China Africa economic and Trade Expo.

The chief economist has always paid close attention to the development of Greenroad and believes that Greenroad has vigorous vitality as a national enterprise. Luo Zhisong, believes that Greenroad is a strong engine for the development of global supply chain and a link to promote cooperation between China, Africa and the world.

Luo Zhisong, chief economist, believes that Greenroad has a symbiotic relationship with the global supply chain. He hopes that Greenroad can not only promote the development of the global supply chain, but also revitalize the traditional logistics and transportation industry!