Greenroad Successfully Operates Tanzania Pipeline Transit to Zambia Project

Date: 2022.08.29
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In early August 2022, Greenroad International Logistics successfully operated the Tanzania pipeline transfer to Zambia project. The project was operated by Greenroad's overseas employees throughout the whole process, with direct pickup by vehicle and vessel, and insisted on 24-hour operation under high temperature conditions, with a total transportation volume of 1,650 tons.
Through years of successful experience, the pipeline transportation project has become one of Greenroad's trump card businesses.

Greenroad is honored to be involved in projects that improve the livelihood of local people.Greenroad was responsible for over 100 truckloads of pipeline transportation for this project, which required water and land transportation, totaling 1,650 tons. The project was carried out in the cities of Chingola, Chililabombwe and Mufulira, with the main work in Chingola, the main construction site, Chilabombwe is about 25 km north of Chingola and Mufulira is about 62 km northeast of Chingola, with asphalt roads between the three cities for easy access. The main work volume of the project is the renovation, upgrading and transformation of the water treatment facilities and equipment of 7 water treatment plants in the three cities; the expansion of the original water treatment plant in Chingola to build a new 20,000 cube/day water treatment facility; the upgrading of 4 wastewater treatment ponds; and the procurement and construction of 4 cast iron water transmission mains totaling 25 km, Greenroad is responsible for the pipeline part is one of the key tasks of this project.

For pipeline transportation work, Greenroad clarifies the limits and passing capacity of roads and bridges through survey design and construction in the early stage. In terms of lashing and reinforcement, stable calculations should be made based on the horizontal and vertical slope of the road, road conditions and vehicle speed to confirm the diameter of the lashing wire rope and the lashing method to ensure that the cargo and trailer are not displaced under any circumstances. Using years of experience in operating pipeline transportation, Greenroad successfully completed the transportation task, ensuring reasonable and efficient cooperation of transportation vehicles and vessels, and reasonably limiting the height of the center of gravity of the cargo, and successfully completing the transportation task.


At the same time, this is another direct pickup project completed by Greenroad International Logistics. After careful planning, Greenroad International Logistics organized vehicles and vessels to stop at the same place and directly overload, and successfully completed the pipeline transportation task of more than 100 cars.


Through years of successful pipeline transportation operations at home and abroad, Greenroad has been able to handle all kinds of situations, no matter how much cargo and how far the road is, Greenroad can always deliver!
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