Let Made in China Run in Africa---Greenroad Successfully Completed the Cross-border Transportation of 110 Buses

Date: 2022.10.21
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Recently, the batch delivery ceremony of 110 buses transported by Greenroad was grandly held in Meskel Square, ADDIS ABABA, the capital of Ethiopia. The ceremony was attended by representatives from the Ethiopian Transport Authority headquarters, traffic management agencies, city administration, mayor's office and bus operating companies.

The 110 buses to be transported by Greenroad will be put into service at ADDIS ABABA, injecting new energy into the local transportation industry for the benefit of local residents.

Preliminary Preparation

After receiving the assignment, Greenroad immediately started training for the project team members, explaining and communicating with the driver team the features of the objects to be transported, and conducting a field inspection of the road conditions to ensure the safe completion of the transport task.

Greenroad's overseas driver team members all have professional driving licenses for special buses and have many years of driving experience.

Buses arrive at the port

Greenroad was responsible for Djibouti-Ethiopia leg of this transport assignment, and the arrival of 110 buses at the port signaled the start of the project.
Greenroad was involved in the unloading process at the port.

Thousands of miles

Greenroad needed to complete the cross-country transportation of over 100 buses within 20 working days.
After the unloading was completed, greenroad's overseas driver team and project team started the back-haul transportation work non-stop, fortunately, the task was completed efficiently in about ten days, and more than 100 buses were delivered to the site of Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise (ACBSE) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This batch of buses will provide modern and comfortable public transportation equipment for Ethiopia after they are officially put into use. The Mayor of ADDIS ABABA also praised the fast and on-time delivery of the buses.

The successful completion of this transport mission is not only a step for Chinese manufacturing to the world, but also a reflection of the global map of "Chinese transportation". As one of the first Chinese national logistics companies to go overseas and take root overseas, Greenroad will provide services to you in all parts of the world.