Greenroad Successfully Completes Cross-Country Transportation of TBM Shield for Nepal's Sunkosi Malin Diversion Tunnel

Date: 2022.10.28
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Recently, the 75-ton TBM shield machine, which was transported by Greenroad International Logistics, arrived at the site of Nepal's Sunkosi Marin water diversion tunnel project and was successfully launched. Nepal's Minister of Water Resources, Energy and Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

This is the largest water diversion channel project under construction in Nepal, and another project of national pride in Nepal that Greenroad is involved in, which has been highly praised by several departments in Nepal.

Greenroad was responsible for the transportation of the TBM shield from Shanghai to the Sunkosi Marin project site in Nepal for this project.
The TBM shield carried this time weighed 75 tons and was 6.4 meters wide. With the extra width and weight, as well as the existence of complex road sections in Nepal, the road transportation must be safe and successful in one go.

From the day we received the transportation task, all Greenroad project team members were deeply aware of the special nature and importance of this transportation, and strictly checked the configuration of transportation vehicles, bundling and reinforcement, road and bridge access, and obstacle removal to ensure that the transportation task was flawless.

In addition to the technical difficulties, greenroad people also overcame force majeure such as the rebound of the Newcastle pneumonia epidemic and the extra-long rainy season to successfully complete the transportation task.

The opening of the Sunkosi Malin Diversion Tunnel will irrigate 122,000 hectares of agricultural land in the area around the Malin River, and will provide an infinite opportunity for agricultural development in Nepal.
This is another "One Belt, One Road" project that greenroad is involved in. As a national enterprise, greenroad is honored to be involved in a project that will strengthen the local economy, agriculture and people's livelihood in Nepal. This project also highlights greenroad International Logistics' strong overseas network and engineering logistics strength, and enhances the influence of greenroad brand in the region.