General Manager Yang Yi and General Manager Gong Baodong of CCIC visited Greenroad

Date: 2023.02.07
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In the afternoon of January 30, Mr. Yang Yi, General Manager of East China Region of China Certification & Inspection Group and Mr. Gong Baodong, General Manager of Political and Trade Department of China Certification & Inspection Group visited Greenroad and had a meeting with Ms. Xu Qun, Chairwoman of Greenroad International Logistics and others.

At the meeting, both sides reviewed the achievements of CCIC and Greenroad International Logistics in jointly building "Quality China, Quality World" for many years. Since the strategic cooperation, CCIC and Greenroad have been cooperating comprehensively and deeply in many fields such as pre-shipment conformity verification services, resource and non-resource commodity import inspection and testing, cargo customs clearance, etc., combining the advantageous resources of both sides, extending the service chain, creating a new model of "overseas quality control + logistics and cargo control", and jointly helping Chinese enterprises The supply chain security of overseas market.

CCIC and Greenroad will continue to serve the national strategy of "going out and coming in" and continue to contribute to China's high-quality development and introduction of high-quality products.


At the same time, Mr. Wang Hao, Executive Vice General Manager of Greenroad, introduced to General Manager Yang Yi and General Manager Gong Baodong the expansion of Greenroad's new overseas regions and innovative services such as overseas warehouses, and discussed the future creation of "CCIC-Greenroad Quality Overseas Warehouse".

At present, Greenroad's third warehouse in Ethiopia has been officially opened, together with the warehouses in Egypt, Zambia, Burundi and Mexico, covering Africa and America, to meet the needs of customers for warehousing and nearby delivery in all aspects. In order to meet the company's business diversification, we have also changed from the traditional "door-to-door" and "end-to-end" logistics services to the current "door-to-warehouse", warehousing services and "warehouse-to-station" services. The "warehouse to station" and other series of extended support have greatly improved greenroad's service capability to customers.
The concept of "CCIC-Greenroad Quality Overseas Warehouse" will enrich the functions of the overseas warehouse and realize the goal of "global collection of excellent procurement and global collection of excellent sales" by relying on the technical and testing certification functions of CCIC and the advantages of the global layout of Greenroad International Logistics. The creation of "CCIC-Greenroad Quality Overseas Warehouse" will also further help "overseas quality control + logistics and cargo control", which will be of great significance to China's import and export trade.


At the meeting, CCIC and Greenroad put forward the plan to carry out joint office in the future. The promotion of the joint office plan will strengthen the cooperation between the two sides and inject new vitality for the future development of CCIC and Greenroad.

This meeting laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation direction and goals of CCIC and Greenroad International Logistics. Both sides will further deepen the cooperation in the future, meet the challenges of the market together, and grasp the market opportunities to continuously broaden the field of cooperation.
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