Greenroad Carries Shield Machine for Chilean Metro Line 7 Project

Date: 2023.04.10
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Recently, the super heavy earth pressure balance shield for Line 7 of the Santiago de Chile subway, which was transported by Greenroad International Logistics, was successfully shipped from Shanghai Port to San Antonio, Chile. The central block of the shield machine cutter weighs 150 tons, which is an overweight and oversized piece and is a great test for the transportation capacity.
This is another key overseas livelihood project that Greenroad participated in, which is conducive to establishing the corporate brand image, realizing the rolling development of the company in the Chilean market, and laying a solid foundation for further development of the South American market.
Santiago Metro Line 7 is a key national project for the people's livelihood in Chile, and its construction is of great significance to further improve the comprehensive transportation system of Santiago.

The Santiago Metro Line 7 is 26 kilometers long, with a total investment of more than US$2.5 billion and a construction cycle of six years. The line, which runs through seven urban areas of the capital, is designed to have 19 metro stations and will benefit more than 1.3 million residents along the line.