Chairman Xu Qun was invited to attend the China-Africa Investment Matchmaking Conference.

Date: 2023.04.24
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In April 2023, the conference was held in Beijing, with approximately 120 attendees including Secretary-General of the Follow-up Committee of the Chinese side of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and Director-General of the African Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wu Peng, Deputy Director-General of the Department of West Asian and African Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, Wang Dong, Executive President of the China-Africa Business Council, Wang Xiaoyong, and over 50 African ambassadors and diplomats in China. Wu Peng, the Director-General of the African Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ambassadors of Cameroon and Senegal to China, Martin Mpana and Sira, respectively, delivered speeches. The conference was chaired by Wang Xiaoyong, Executive President of the China-Africa Business Council."

Chairman Xu Qun was invited to attend Conference and gave a speech.

The conference began with a speech by Wu Peng, Director-General of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Director-General Wu first expressed his gratitude to the attendees and stated that China-Africa cooperation is at a crucial stage of upgrading quality and promoting closer and more active investment cooperation has become a common aspiration of both China and Africa.

In recent years, Chinese companies, especially private enterprises, have shown increased enthusiasm for investing in Africa and carrying out pragmatic cooperation. The relevant Chinese authorities will continue to support reputable and capable enterprises to go to Africa for development, provide assistance to ensure their success, and hope that African countries can work with China to adopt effective measures to provide preferential, sustainable, and predictable policy support for Chinese enterprises, especially investment enterprises, going to Africa, and create a good business environment. We should work together as the inheritors, guardians, and pioneers of China-Africa traditional friendship and friendly cooperation, and contribute to the deepening development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Africa.

During her speech, Ms. Xu Qun, Chairman of Greenroad introduced the company's development process, its connection with Africa, successful projects in Africa over the years, and future development plans.

Since 2008 to present day in 2023, Greenroad has been developing in Africa for 15 years. During these years, we have established extensive and highly localized operations in Africa, covering 29 countries across the continent through Greenroad's African subsidiaries. Greenroad Africa has been contributing to bilateral trade between China and Africa while also nurturing a large pool of international logistics professionals in the respective local countries. Greenroad Africa has formed a strong linkage effect with Greenroad's subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East, resulting in its own unique international network operation model.

In the future, Guilinford will continue to invest in the development of various heavy assets such as transportation resources, warehousing, ports, and yards, to gradually build high-quality and intelligent logistics infrastructure. We aim to witness the transformation of Africa and make positive contributions to the construction of a modern, efficient, and intelligent Africa, adding a new dimension to the economic takeoff of the continent and to the friendship between China and Africa.

Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam, Ambassador of Cameroon to China and the African Union, stated that this matchmaking event is essential in helping Chinese companies communicate with African counterparts and breaking the stereotype about Africa. Investment cooperation is a vital part of pragmatic cooperation between China and Africa, and Chinese enterprises are the driving force behind promoting economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. African countries are keenly looking forward to Chinese enterprises investing in Africa and are ready to open their arms. Africa is a continent with tremendous development potential, and African countries are committed to creating a safe and orderly business environment. They are willing to establish closer cooperation with Chinese enterprises and strengthen investment cooperation in key areas such as trade, mining, processing, and agriculture, to jointly create a better future for China-Africa cooperation and bring more opportunities and hope to Africa's development.

Ambassador Momar Diop from Senegal expressed appreciation for China's pledge to invest a total of at least $10 billion in Africa over the next three years, made at the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. Regarding the investment and business environment in Africa, most credit rating agencies are from the West, and their ratings do not fully reflect the objective situation. In fact, many African countries have formulated policies to attract foreign investment, and the business environment has made great progress. He believes that more and more Chinese enterprises, especially private ones, will regard Africa as a land of investment opportunities and share development opportunities with Africa.