Mr. Wang Xin, Deputy Consul General and Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, along with Mr. Jiang Shan from the Consular Section, Mr. Yu Zhenhua, and Mr. Jin Xiaodong, President of the Chinese Association of Nepal, visited the Nepal branch

Date: 2023.05.11
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The purpose of this visit was to strengthen Greenroad's ability to serve the China-Nepal logistics cooperation, improve logistics efficiency, and promote further development of China-Nepal economic and trade relations.

The delegation first visited the Greenroad Nepal office and learned in detail about Greenroad's global layout and services. Mr. Wang praised Greenroad's professional logistics services and leading logistics technology, and also mentioned that Nepal is a friendly neighbor of China with broad cooperation space in economy, culture and other fields. Greenroad Nepal will play an important role in China-Nepal economic and trade cooperation. Mr. Wang hoped that Greenland Nepal can leverage its advantages and cooperate more closely with enterprises from all sides.

Mr. Jiang Shan and Mr. Jin Xiaodong also had in-depth exchanges with the colleagues of Greenroad Nepal International Logistics Nepal branch, emphasizing the importance of logistics in economic and trade cooperation. They believed that Greenroad's business in Nepal will attract more Chinese companies to come to Nepal and promote economic exchanges between China and Nepal. They also hoped that Greenroad will continue to provide quality services and development platforms for Chinese people and overseas Chinese in the future.


During the meeting, Mr. Wang and Mr. Jin Xiaodong had a more detailed understanding of Greenroad's business scope, operation mode, and technology level. They highly appreciated and paid attention to Greenroad's development history and future planning, expressed their expectations and blessings for Greenroad's future development, and also expressed concern for the lives of employees in Nepal. The establishment of Greenroad Nepal and its global logistics network has made significant contributions to Nepal's infrastructure construction, people's livelihoods, and China-Nepal trade development, and has also achieved positive results in talent training and social responsibility. They hoped that Greenroad can continue to expand its social influence and assume the responsibility of a national enterprise.

The visit of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal further enhanced our confidence and motivation in Nepal. Greenroad will continue to strive to build a high-quality, professional logistics team, provide more high-quality and efficient logistics services for global customers, and play a greater role in the development of China-Nepal and China-Nepal economic and trade cooperation.