The first phase of Greenroad College of Logistics: the significance of global supply chain in the new era and Countermeasures

Date: 2020.01.17
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The first phase of Greenroad College of Logistics: the significance of global supply chain in the new era and Countermeasures

In the fierce market competition environment, if an enterprise wants to make great progress, it must be supported by talents, technology, information and resources. The quality of talents plays an immeasurable role in the development of the enterprise.

In today's society, the logistics industry is facing the challenges of globalization, high quality and high efficiency, and training is more important. The training makes the enterprise values, enterprise tenet, enterprise spirit and enterprise system widely spread and implemented.

In this still hot season, the first training course of Guildford Logistics College is very hot!

Mr. Wang Congwu, a senior expert in the logistics industry, is invited to give a lecture. Mr. Wang Congwu has brought you the theme training of "the importance of global supply chain in the context of new era and Countermeasures".

About Instructor

Speaker: Wang Congwu

Graduated from China University of science and technology / Xiamen University EMBA, once served as Kodak Asia supply chain director, now guest professor of Dalian Maritime College and general manager of Sinotrans Logistics Co., Ltd. / general manager of Sinotrans Sharon Logistics Co., Ltd

Before the formal start of the course, Ms. Xu Qun, general manager of Greenroad, made a mobilization for the opening of the course.

After the formal start of the training, Mr. Wang Congwu led the trainees to quickly enter the theme, share excellent dry goods in the logistics industry, systematically introduce the development trend of marketing, marketing strategy, market analysis, channels, services, key customer management and logistics management system construction, and intersperse a large number of practical cases. Mr. Wang Congwu's lively and grounded teaching style makes the students gain a lot.

In addition to the training courses, Mr. Wang Congwu also shared his experience in Kodak, explained how Kodak has changed from a giant to facing bankruptcy in the new era, and let the students deeply experience the impact of the rapid transformation of the traditional industry in the market.

There were no empty seats in the training, some of the students even stood and listened to the whole training. During the training, everyone actively participated in, seriously thought about and exchanged with each other. This training made everyone have a deeper understanding of how the logistics industry operates in the new era!

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