Greenroad was invited to participate in the "New Journey on the Silk Road: China-Europe Cooperation" event held by CGTN in Athens, Greece, and delivered a speech.

Date: 2023.10.12
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China Global Television Network (CGTN), in collaboration with Greece's most influential financial media outlet, "Shipping and Business News," recently organized a large multimedia special program titled "New Journey on the Silk Road: China-Europe Cooperation" in Greece.
Greenroad was invited to attend and speak at the event. Representing the company as the General Manager of the European region, Meng Fanxu, along with more than twenty other distinguished guests and over a hundred representatives from various sectors in China and Europe, gathered to discuss the fruitful achievements of the "Belt and Road Initiative" over the past decade and explore the promising prospects of further strengthening connections and collaboration between China and Europe.
On October 3, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech in the Indonesian parliament, where he first proposed the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" initiative. Over the past decade, the "Belt and Road" initiative has brought prosperity to the world, offering opportunities for growth and development to Greece and Europe.

In his speech, General Manager Meng Fanxu spoke highly of the fruitful cooperation between China and Greece in various fields during the past ten years of the "Belt and Road" initiative. He emphasized that as two maritime powerhouses, China and Greece have a responsibility to lead global shipping on the journey of building the "Belt and Road" and usher in the next brilliant decade together. Greenroad also commits to walking alongside the "Belt and Road" initiative and fulfilling our responsibilities.

In the golden autumn of 2013, the seeds of the dream for the "Belt and Road" initiative were sown, and now, the flourishing tree promoting global openness and cooperation bears abundant fruit.
Throughout the past decade, Greenroad has always kept in mind the "greater good of the nation" and actively served and supported major national strategies. The new Silk Roads, spanning mountains and oceans, have connected the world, and various "national landmarks" and "livelihood projects" have been constructed, highlighting the achievements of collaboration. Cultural exchanges and medical assistance have also forged strong connections between people, leaving vivid marks in the journey of high-quality development of the "Belt and Road" initiative.
We firmly believe that the future of the "Belt and Road" initiative will be even more exciting. We will continue to contribute to the prosperity of the world economy, the openness of rules, and the exchange of people's hearts. Hand in hand with "Belt and Road" countries, we will create more possibilities.