Dry goods sharing! Five points you should know about the transportation of heavy goods

Date: 2020.01.17
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Next week is about to usher in the "small year". The tourists living in different places are more concerned. The taste of the year in the supermarket is stronger, and every household is busy, which also indicates that the Spring Festival is about to be loaded. On the journey home, Greenroad international logistics will always be with you, providing you with safe and efficient international logistics and freight service anytime and anywhere!

The dry goods sharing brought to you today is the relevant knowledge of the major logistics transportation. What are the core needs of the major logistics transportation for us? Come and have a look!

We know that as an industry with rapid development and full potential, the transportation of major items has the inherent requirements of "professionalism, standardization and safety". Compared with general cargo transportation, heavy cargo transportation requires higher professional skills of enterprises. Enterprises need to have corresponding transportation qualifications, special transportation vehicles and professional technical equipment, and be able to carry out specialized services and integrated transportation capabilities such as line survey, scheme design, road and bridge reinforcement, barrier removal and traffic, contact and coordination. As a deep-rooted company and a national first-class freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Greenroad international logistics can provide integrated door-to-door engineering logistics and trade material supply chain management services for global customers, and add more value-added services such as equipment transfer, relocation, leasing, etc. around the world. With the mission of serving customers and safe transportation, ensure that each batch of goods of each customer can be delivered to the destination intact.

1.Handling of certificate formalities

When handling the consignment formalities, in addition to the general provisions, the shipper must submit the cargo specification, loading and unloading, reinforcement and other specific requirements. In special cases, it is also necessary to apply for the permit to the relevant departments. The carrier shall review the relevant information provided by the shipper, master the specific characteristics of the goods, select suitable vehicles, and handle the carrier procedures when it has the conditions and capacity for safe transportation.

2.Precautions for shipment

The carrier shall survey the operation site and operation route together with the shipper, understand the road alignment along the route and the capacity of bridge and culvert, and formulate the transportation organization plan according to the overall dimension and vehicle cargo quality of the bulk cargo. If other departments are involved, they shall report to relevant departments in advance and obtain consent before shipment.

3.Handling matters

Formulate technical schemes and operation procedures for cargo handling and reinforcement, and strictly implement them to ensure reasonable loading, reinforcement and safe handling. If the carrier is responsible for the loading and unloading operation, the operation shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the shipper, the characteristics of the goods and the loading and unloading operation procedures. Where the shipper is responsible, the carrier shall, at the agreed time, drive the vehicle to the place of loading and unloading, and supervise the loading and unloading.

4.Safety mark

Operate according to the specified line and time, and hang obvious safety signs at the longest, widest and highest parts of the goods. When driving in the daytime, hang sign flags; set up sign lights when driving at night and stopping for rest to warn the passing vehicles. For special goods, there should be special vehicles to lead the way and remove obstacles in time.

5.Cost specification

The transportation cost shall be determined by both parties through consultation. The shipper shall bear the cost of road reconstruction, bridge and Culvert Reinforcement, obstacle removal, escort, loading and unloading, etc. due to the transportation of large-scale special heavy objects.

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