With Greenroad witness central pragmatic cooperation | Greenroad Hungary, Serbia project highlights

Date: 2024.05.13
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Photo source: CCTV current politics

On May 5 and 10, at the invitation of President Emmanuel Macron of the Republic of France, President of the Republic of Serbia, Hungarian President Vucic and Prime Minister Michel Orban, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to France, Serbia and Hungary. This is President Xi Jinping's first overseas visit this year, the second state visit to Serbia and the first to Hungary. Serbia and Hungary are China's comprehensive strategic partners. President Xi Jinping's visit will be a journey to strengthen political mutual trust, promote practical cooperation and deepen traditional friendship.

In the development process of Greenroad International Logistics, we always adhere to the global strategic layout as the flag, and add impetus to the Greenroad brand globalization and internationalization through the continuous expansion of the logistics territory. Serbia and Hungary not only play an important role in jointly building the Belt and Road, but also are important participants in the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism. Over the years, Greenroad International Logistics has been deeply involved in China-EU cooperation, and participated in the Budapest-Serbia railway, photovoltaic industry, China-Europe trade and other projects, with fruitful results and numerous highlights of the "Belt and Road" cooperation.

China's first high-speed rail order in Europe
 Xiongnu railway

 The Budapest-Belgrade railway connects Budapest, capital of Hungary, and Belgrade, capital of Serbia, which is a landmark project of Belt and Road cooperation between China and CEE countries. As the first order of China's high-speed railway in Europe, the construction of the Budapest-Serbia railway adopts the European railway standard, which is the first project to connect China's railway technical equipment with the European Union railway interconnection technical specifications.

Greenroad International Logistics has successfully transported 50m long rail and other materials needed by the Hungarian-Serbia Railway. Through the cooperative operation of various parties, it has professionally solved the transnational and trans-continental transportation problems of super long rail and helped the railway construction.

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Carrying the first city in Serbia
 Large surface photovoltaic power station

 In July 2023, Greenford's first large-scale ground photovoltaic power station in Serbia, held a grand groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site. Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Chen Bo, Minister of Energy and Mining of Serbia Dubulafka Jdoch and other officials attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

In November of the same year, a special car of project materials loaded with photovoltaic modules reached the construction site, marking the successful completion of all the transportation tasks of Greenford. This transportation adopts sea transportation, railway and automobile transportation. Greenroad has completed the important task of opening up the logistics transportation channel of the project, and accumulated valuable experience for the international logistics transportation work. From Shanghai to Croatia and Rijeka to Serbia, from Shenzhen to Slovenia Coppel and then to Serbia, Green has helped Chinese photovoltaic go out, let the energy of the sun travel thousands of miles, and inject green vitality into Serbia.
"Super express"
100-ton transformer shipped to Hungary

Greenroad transported 100 tons of transformers from Romania to Hungary, and the size and weight of the 100 tons of transformers exceeded conventional standards, posing a serious challenge to the transportation scheme and route planning. However, Greenroad Hungary has developed a reasonable and efficient transport plan to ensure the safe and stable arrival of goods at their destination.
Well-known lemon acid factory
 The Hungarian branch factory construction project

Greenroad Hungary successfully operated the construction project of the famous citric acid plant in Hungary. The materials required for the construction of the steel structure workshop were transported from Shanghai port to koper port in Slovenia, and Greenroad undertook the later inland transportation. The project lasted for one and a half months and transported nearly 300 vehicles. The transportation subject matter mainly includes steel column, steel beam, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss and so on. In order to avoid and reduce the column, beam, tie and other connecting parts in the process of transportation deformation, Greenroad in the full length of steel members, and between the parts with the wood pad, while ensuring the peripheral binding is firm, ensure that steel members will not deformation by vibration or pressure in the process of transportation. Greenroad has used many years of rich working experience to successfully complete the transportation mission.
 Hungarian TV land Transport project

 Greenroad European transport customer TV transportation project, from the Hungarian factory transport to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland and other dozens of places, the track throughout the European continent, the seasonal transport volume of more than 300 vehicles, the average international transportation time of 3 days.
The TV screen is very fragile, containing a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components inside. Greenroad European colleagues went deep into the customer site, participated in scientific binding and scientific loading, and completed all the transportation tasks successfully, efficiently and safely.

 Hungarian warehouse

 Greenroad has overseas warehouses in Hungary, with a total area of 10,000 + square meters, of which the main warehouse area is more than 9,000 square meters, and another 900 square meters of office area. Greenroad Overseas Warehouse can provide customers with rapid supply chain management, efficient cargo storage and distribution services. With a team of professionals, advanced facilities and strict safety standards, we provide solid support for your business and keep your products in optimal condition.
 In addition, Hungary overseas warehouse has met the professional conditions for the storage of dangerous goods, including strict safety management system, advanced fire prevention and anti-theft facilities and professional dangerous goods processing team, to ensure the safety and compliance of dangerous goods storage.
With its efficient, safe and professional services, Greenroad Hungary Overseas Warehouse has provided strong logistics support for many enterprises and become an important hub for trade between China and Europe.