Leaders of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and their entourage visited Greenroad Morocco to guide the work.

Date: 2023.10.25
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On the afternoon of October 17th, Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director Zhou Yue, Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director of Foreign Trade Department Yang Ye, Yiyang City Bureau of Commerce Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Deputy Director Yang Weidong and other leaders and their entourage visited Greenroad Morocco Branch to guide the work.

During the meeting, Mr. Fu Pu De, Regional Manager of Greenroad Northwest Africa Region 2, introduced to Mr. Zhou and his entourage the 25-year development history and 15-year overseas layout and business development of our company, and introduced Greenroad's successful cases of plowing into the logistics and trade of China-Africa for many years, and emphasized on the local development of our company in Morocco.
Mr. Zhou affirmed Greenroad's achievements over the years and the role of the Xiang-Guangdong-Africa Rail-Sea Intermodal Transportation Corridor, which has been built through cooperation between the two sides. The guidance aims to express strong support for Hunan enterprises to flourish in the international market. Deputy Director Zhou Yue emphasized the key role of foreign trade in Hunan Province's economic growth, especially nowadays when the global supply chain is becoming more complex and diversified. International logistics is an indispensable bridge between Hunan Province and the international market, and the government will continue to support private logistics companies and Hunan enterprises to expand in overseas markets.
The management team of Greenroad International Logistics Morocco would like to extend a warm welcome to the leaders of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and express their gratitude to the Hunan government for their support. We are committed to continue to play our role as a bridge to strengthen the business ties between Hunan Province and Morocco and to create more opportunities for cooperation between the two sides.