GREENROAD Participates in the First Geothermal Energy Development Project in Ethiopia

Date: 2023.08.29
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Casing, as an indispensable part of energy infrastructure construction, carries the expectation of energy future - Recently, all the casing required for the geothermal power plant project in Arutolangano, Ethiopia, which was shipped by GREENROAD, has been successfully shipped and will arrive at the port in September.

Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and Tanzania are rich in geothermal resources, and the full development and utilization of geothermal resources can greatly reduce the dependence of southern African countries on traditional energy sources, which has a broad market prospect. GREENROAD is actively practicing the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, and is deeply involved in the energy upgrading in Africa to help the green development of the region.

Project Overview:Africa's Energy Dream

Project Name: Ethiopia Arutolangano Geothermal Power Station
Cargo Name: 1158 tons, 1600 square casing
Transportation route: Shanghai--Djibouti--Ethiopia aluto
               The project site is about 860KM away from the port of Djibouti.
Transportation mode: Sea and land transportation

This project is the first geothermal energy development project in Ethiopia and also the largest project in its geothermal energy field. After the completion of the project, it will provide the towns around the project with electricity for living and industrial use, which can further optimize the power supply pattern of the country of Ethiopia and contribute to the promotion of local development in a sustainable way.
Casing:The backbone of energy infrastructure

The transportation of the casing required for this project is related to the smooth construction of the clean energy infrastructure, which will have a direct impact on the energy supply of Ethiopia and the whole region, and will provide reliable power for millions of people after the completion of the project.

However, transporting these huge casing from Shanghai to Ethiopia is not an easy task, and the project team made the following efforts:

Crossing three countries:


First, we faced the challenge of crossing national borders. The casing would be transported by sea from China to Djibouti and then by road to the project site in Ethiopia. This 10,000-kilometer journey from Shanghai was the beginning of our challenge.
As a leading logistics solutions provider, we offered an efficient and reliable multi-modal transportation solution to ensure the safe delivery of the casing to the project site. Colleagues from GREENROAD's project team applied their professional knowledge and experience to make this seemingly distant goal possible.

Struggle on the dirt road:


However, the challenges did not stop there. From the port of Djibouti to the project site, 14 kilometers of dirt road had to be overcome. The journey can become even more difficult, especially after the rains. During the prior research, colleagues from Essex were at ADAMI to experience the hardships of the dirt road first hand. We are ready to repair the road with our own hands, and will utilize bulldozers, cranes, and other equipment to ensure the smooth passage of goods.

The transportation of casing for this geothermal power plant project is a challenge and will be a triumph. It highlights the critical nature of international logistics and demonstrates the power of expertise and cooperation. We look forward to future projects and will keep working for a clean energy future. Let's move forward, hand in hand, to a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow.GREENROAD, a green pathway for clean energy!