Group building on rainy days...

Date: 2020.06.02
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A good enterprise cannot do without the hard work of its employees, and an excellent employee cannot do without close cooperation with the team.In order to enhance communication among employees and enhance team cohesion, greenford international logistics organized a home party for employees that lasted for two days and one night.

Send off the busy work, forget the heart of the trouble, relax mood.Home party! Here we come!
Although it was drizzling on Saturday afternoon, the company gathered and drove for 1 hour to hangtou villa home party in pudong.
We will arrive at the home party at 2 o 'clock. We will arrange the accommodation, barbecue and hotpot supplies, cut vegetables, wash vegetables and prepare dishes.
The home party looks ordinary on the outside, but there are many other things inside.All kinds of entertainment are available.
Group entertainment, board games, CARDS, mahjong, karaoke......Until midnight.
After a good night to dawn, the logistics contract department colleagues prepared a delicious and rich breakfast for everyone, and spent a warm weekend together, this activity declared the perfect end.We all went home one after another, looking forward to seeing each other again.
We, the greenfords, had a home party to relax ourselves, entertain ourselves, and chat with each other. It not only allowed our friends to open their hearts to play, but also strengthened the bond and cohesion between us.Love is in greenford, let's share the happiness and dream together!