African power of private enterprises -- Xu Qun, chairman of Greenroad, attended the press conference of China-Africa Cooperation Report: Chinese investment in Africa

Date: 2021.09.03
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On August 26, the press conference of the report on China-Africa Cooperation Report: Chinese investment in Africa was held in Beijing. Ms. Xu Qun, chairman of greenroad, was invited to attend the press conference.

The purpose of this press conference is to release the report on China-Africa Cooperation Report Chinese investment in Africa- market forces and private roles compiled by the China Africa non-governmental chamber of Commerce. As the first professional report summarizing China Africa economic and trade investment cooperation, the report enriches and shows the progress, achievements and trends of Chinese enterprises' economic and trade cooperation with Africa. The report contains 40000 words in English, 47000 words in French and 60000 words in Chinese. It was written by more than 50 experts and researchers organized by the China Africa non-governmental chamber of Commerce. It investigated more than 350 Chinese enterprises and 320 entrepreneurs, demonstrated the process of Chinese enterprises' investment cooperation in Africa and their contribution to Africa's economic and social development through 63 cases, and summarized the experience of China Africa investment cooperation, And put forward suggestions for future development.

The report shows that since 2000, driven by the China Africa Cooperation Forum, Chinese enterprises' investment in Africa has entered the development stage of "small steps and fast walking". In particular, Chinese private enterprises have gradually become the main force of China Africa economic, trade and investment cooperation, and are undergoing the transformation from "going to Africa" to "settling in Africa" and then to "taking root in Africa".

According to the report, by the end of 2020, the stock of Chinese enterprises' direct investment in Africa will not be less than US $56 billion; Private enterprises account for about 70% of the non direct investment scale of Chinese enterprises. The "reinvestment" of 100 key private enterprises in Africa accounts for about 30%.

This is the first report on investment in Africa published by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of Commerce in China so far, and greenroad is the only Chinese logistics company selected.

According to the report, Chinese enterprises remain optimistic about investing in Africa, continuously strengthen capacity-building against their own problems and weaknesses, explore tripartite cooperation, formulate long-term business plans and integrate into Africa's economic and social development; Driven by market forces, Chinese enterprises, especially private enterprises, are focusing on new fields such as medium and high-end technology manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, digital economy and aviation industry while paying attention to traditional investment fields.

The report on Chinese enterprises' investment in Africa is a Sino African Joint Research and exchange program of the Ministry of foreign affairs, which highlights the strength of Chinese private enterprises. As the only selected Chinese logistics industry, greenroad has written a great deal in it.

Greenroad International Logistics has played an important role in Africa's industrialization process, not only promoting the construction of local industrial chain, but also promoting employment and improving the lives of local people in Africa.

Greenroad as a national enterprise, has established a deeper regional cooperation with African countries through its own continuous development.

The selection of Greenroad International Logistics in the report on Chinese enterprises' investment in Africa is not only a recognition of Greenroad, but also an incentive! At the same time, please convey this honor and joy to all colleagues. This achievement is written by you and will be continued by you!