Leaders of the port office of Hunan province came to Greenroad to discuss cooperation in rail-sea intermodal logistics channel between Hunan, Guangdong and Africa.

Date: 2021.07.30
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Mr Guo Ning, leader of the port office of Hunan province and the leader of the Zhuzhou government came to Greeroad for work negotiation on July 16 afternoon.

Also participating in the talk were representatives from COSCO Hunan Xiangshui group, Guangzhou port logistics company, Personnel from all parties discussed the preparations for the construction of Hunan, Guangdong and Africa rail sea intermodal logistics channel.  


The parties had a round of discussions in COSCO on the morning of July 16, and the meeting continued in Greenroad in the afternoon.

The Hunan Guangdong and Africa rail sea intermodal logistics project is guided by the General Secretary Xi Jinping's request for Hunan to build up the inland area's reform. It is based on the long-term settlement of China Africa economic and Trade Expo in Hunan,combined with the import and export trade needs of local enterprises in Hunan Province and linked with the surrounding provinces and cities for Africa / foreign enterprises.
It is intended to build a rail-sea intermodal logistics channel with Hunan as the starting station, Nansha port of Guangzhou as the sea outlet, by way of the Middle East, Latin America, central black sea, Eastern Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia. With the service network of Greenroad International Logistics in Africa and around the world, an "end-to-end" logistics line is figured with Hunan Province as the center, including surrounding provinces and cities, directly to Africa and even the world.

As one of the first units to participate in the project, Greenroad International logistics first made a speech on the construction and implementation scheme of Hunan Guangdong and Afica intermodal logistics channel, and reported the construction background, construction foundation, implementation steps and operation scheme of the project. Director Guo Ning expressed his recognition and support, putting forward relevant guidance and suggestions.

Everybody continued to have free discussions, and representatives of all parties spoke on the project, providing professional suggestions for the organization and implementation of the project in the early stage and the prevention and control of operational risks in the later stage. Director Guo Ning said that the Hunan Guangdong and Africa intermodal logistics channel is an important channel to realize the interconnection of China-Africa goods trade. The Hunan Government will jointly study and formulate support policies. All parties should fully cooperate and participate, strictly follow the implementation steps of the work plan, and ensure the first launch of the trial train before the holding of the 2nd China Africa economics and Trade Expo.

Greenroad, as the first participant, has 48 branches around the world, and has its own vehicles with perfect localization team abroad, standardized operation process, independent customs clearance at the port of destination and multiple trunk logistics lines. Based on the unique service capacity accumulation, it can help the smooth start of the "end-to-end" transportation launch ceremony of Hunan Guangdong and Africa intermodal logistics channel. At the same time, Greenroad, as the overseas testing party for agricultural and mineral products authorized by China Inspection and Certification Group, and the control of procurement sources at the front end of the market, can also provide the demand of "overseas quality control + logistics goods control" for the trade of agricultural and mineral products for the majority of enterprises, and provide the import and export two-way logistics function for the Hunan Guangdong and Africa intermodal logistics channel.

China attaches great importance to the construction of Hunan Guangdong and Afica intermodal logistics channel. From June 4 to 7, Guo Ning, director of the port office of Hunan government, led the team. The port office, Zhuzhou Commercial Grain Bureau, Xu Qun, chairman of Greenroad international logistics, the school of logistics management of Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and technical college and other departments have established a working group to investigate the construction of Hunan Guangdong and Afica intermodal logistics channel in Zhuzhou. The working group inspected Zhuzhou North railway station and Zhuzhou CRRC logistics base, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the development ideas of Zhuzhou rail-sea intermodal transport in thenext stage and Zhuzhou's non-commercial foundation at the symposium.

The meeting also shared the previous research results.


Greenroad has always been the leader in China's comprehensive logistics enterprises to Africa and abroad by virtue of its market brand and experience advantages, African and global logistics network and industry qualification, localized operation mode, end-to-end practical operation experience and ability, good customer base and market development ability.
Greenroad, as a national logistics enterprise, will actively implement One belt One road Initiative and will fully support the highland reform and opening up of the inland areas.

Hunan Guangdong and Africa intermodal logistics channel can break the time and regional restrictions to the greatest extent, and become an important bridge and link of China-Africa trade. It will greatly reduce trade costs, shorten delivery time, provide security and promote the rapid development of trade. The construction of Hunan Guangdong and Africa intermodal logistics channel is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for Greenroad International Logistics. It is a high-quality project benefiting the country and the people. Greenroad International Logistics is willing to make every effort to cooperate with the Hunan government, actively respond to the appeal of the state and shoulder the responsibility as a national enterprise.