100 tons of "Super Express" has been signed for in Hungary!

Date: 2023.08.17
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1000 kilometers, 100 tons, 10 days - Greenroad has recently completed the last kilometer of the cross-country door-to-door transportation of the "Super Express".

In the field of modern logistics, every smooth transportation involves the concerted efforts of technology and teamwork. This time, Greenroad International Logistics once again showed its outstanding strength and successfully completed the transportation of 100 tons of transformers and their components, which fully demonstrated our excellent ability and professionalism in handling oversized transportation.
Challenging Large Size: Project Overview

Place of origin: Romania - Port of Constanta
Destination: Hungary - Kautsinz Bărcikau
Cargo name: 100 tons transformer and components
Total project duration: 10 days
Transportation mode: full land transportation

This shipment of transformer is urgently needed by Hungary Wanhua Baosteel Economic and Trade Zone, which must be in place on time, otherwise it will affect the time of grid connection and power supply.

Professional driving:The Art of Oversized Transportation

This oversized shipment not only represented a long-distance movement of goods, but also the culmination of the logistics team's coordination, planning, and expertise. 100 tons of transformers with dimensions and weights that exceeded the norm posed a serious challenge to the transportation scheme and route planning. However, with years of experience, the team at Greenroad International Logistics developed a rational and efficient transportation plan to ensure the cargo arrived at its destination in a safe and stable manner.

We take the following key measures:
-Formulate the whole ground transportation plan in advance: 100 tons of transformers and their components belong to oversized transportation, and their weight and volume requirements put forward extremely high requirements on transportation plan, vehicle selection and route planning. We followed up the whole operation process to ensure the efficient connection of each link, and finally the equipment was shipped smoothly, providing guarantee for the project to be constructed on schedule.
-Critical road planning: We conducted field research on the local road conditions and terrain for inland road transportation, checked the roads, bridges, and height of power lines one by one, and formulated a detailed plan to ensure the safety and stability of the transportation process.
-Meticulous lashing arrangements: In view of the special characteristics of oversized transportation, we have formulated a meticulous cargo lashing and fixing plan in the project to ensure that the cargo always remains stable and free from any damage during transportation.
-Overcoming roadblocks and permit applications: In the course of transportation, we inevitably face roadblocks, such as bridge heights and roadway load-bearing issues. Our project team actively cooperates with relevant departments and conducts early roadblock analysis to obtain necessary permits and approvals to ensure that the cargo can safely pass through the road with various restrictions.

The Way of Service: Customer-Centered

Our domestic and international operation team provides 7*24 hours quick response service, establishes fast and effective communication mechanism with customers and transportation team, and transmits real-time information on transportation direction and real-time cargo situation; meanwhile, we communicate closely with relevant departments such as Romanian and Hungarian Customs, Border Inspection, and Transportation, so as to make timely countermeasures to ensure smooth cross-border customs clearance and high efficiency of transportation.

As Shakespeare said, "Keep moving forward until the last moment." With Greenroad's continuous efforts, oversized transportation is no longer a challenge, but our daily life. Greenroad International Logistics will continue to lead the breakthrough in the logistics field and provide customers with better and more efficient global logistics solutions. On the way forward, we will always be consistent and strive for the progress of the industry until the last moment.