Greenroad overseas general manager training course successfully completed!

Date: 2023.03.09
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From February 9 to February 11, the first training course for overseas general managers of Greenroad 2023 was officially launched in Shanghai. Nine overseas general managers from different branches attended the training.
In order to continuously improve the three core competencies of "management awareness, professional control and management empowerment" of overseas general managers and help Greenroad develop and export high quality management talents, the project general manager training course was born. We believe that this course will produce a large number of high quality and complex international business senior management talents for Greenroad!

Training contents

This training covers overseas strategic planning, overseas marketing, overseas digital marketing, overseas business team building and management, etc. The famous instructors taught the participants on site.
Greenroad participants listened carefully to the instructors' lectures and actively spoke and participated in the discussions.

Training Meaning

The purpose of this training is to create a young leadership team with good quality, reasonable structure and boldness, to better achieve Greenroad's overseas development goals, and to cultivate middle and senior level comprehensive management talents with modern enterprise management knowledge, forward-looking and foreseeable vision, and innovative thinking concepts for the company.
The management of the company affirmed the effectiveness of this training course. For the future work, we believe Greenroad management talents can accurately grasp the national development strategy opportunities under the new situation and new background. In overseas market development, we will strengthen high-end operation, improve marketing ability, vigorously promote overseas territorial development, integrate territorial resources and strengthen territorial cooperation.
Overseas talents are the key talents of Greenroad. High-quality and composite overseas management talents will definitely make Greenroad's globalization road smoother and smoother, and we believe we can look forward to the future!