SUDAN SHIPPING LINE visited Greenroad International Logistics

Date: 2023.02.17
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On February 10, Mr. MOHAMAAD ALI, Commercial Counselor of Sudanese Embassy in China and Mr. MOHAMED and ISHAG of SUDAN SHIPPING LINE visited Greenroad International Logistics and had a meeting with Ms. Xu Qun, Chairwoman of the Board, etc. Meanwhile, the two sides had a good business interaction with Guangxi Liugong Group and Chinagoods.

Greenroad and SSL had another round of talks in Shanghai. During the meeting, both sides exchanged their achievements in operating "Sudan ⇋ China Express" in the past six months, SSL affirmed Greenroad's achievements as its agent in China to help SSL's business in China, while Greenroad further shared its experience in trade and logistics with Africa over the years.

Both sides will jointly promote the development of "Sudan ⇋ China Express" in the future, and hope to promote cooperation in more aspects and in a broader scope to continuously promote trade between China and Sudan, China and Africa.

We expect the cooperation between Greenroad International Logistics and SUDAN SHIPPING LINE to become closer and closer in the future, and the development of Sudan ⇋ China Express to become more and more prosperous, so that we can jointly promote the smooth flow of the China and Sudan economic and trade supply chain and logistics cooperation!