Regiment building style | Not to lose the good time, gather the strength of the team

Date: 2019.10.21
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Life is more than medlar at the computer desk,
And poetry and distant fields,
Fangfei spring day is a good time for group construction and outing.

In order to enhance the team awareness of the company's employees, let them relax after work and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, the "Liyang two-day tour" was specially organized. This activity not only enriches the spare time life of employees, but also makes the Greenford family more harmonious.
DAY .1

Liyang is rich in natural resources. It is the famous "land of fish and rice", "land of silk", "land of tea", and the location of Tianmu Lake, a 4A level tourist resort. It has a vast expanse of bamboo sea and comfortable farms.
We look forward to this trip to Liyang, Changzhou. On the first day, I visited Tianmu Lake, Butterfly Valley and Tianlong waterfall. The fresh and natural scenery is completely natural, which has washed away the busy and tired of daily work and made a new feeling.

DAY .2
The next day, the sky that hasn't been cleared for a long time, is still falling, floating and sprinkling with the steep drizzle. Our party set out at 10 a.m. and soon arrived at the national AAAA level scenic spot - Nanshan bamboo sea tour. We walked along the mountain path in raincoats and visited Jiming village and Panda House.
Although the weather is on, it doesn't affect our mood. Raindrops, full of rhythm, beat on the bamboo leaves, and this rapid and slow lingering rain, also let the simplicity of the bamboo sea, melt into our hearts.
The most fun thing is to run together~

This group building activity not only enables you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, exercise your body, cultivate your body and mind, but also builds a platform for you to strengthen communication and further enhance friendship and feelings. Colleagues learn and change in play, benefit a lot, and have more life insights. The company organized this far-reaching group construction outing activity. Under the intense work and pressure, it was close to nature, let go of mind, feel the essence of life, improve work efficiency, and mobilize work enthusiasm and enthusiasm.