Semi-submersible boat, set sail again! To Mozambique, voyage.

Date: 2022.12.12
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On December 4, the Greenroad-led Mozambique mining semisubmersible project officially set sail, with the semisubmersible carrying four engineering vessels to the Indian Ocean, and is expected to arrive in Mozambique in 25 days.
Project contents:
Project origin: Guangzhou
Project destination: Mozambique
Cargo name: 1 dredger, 1 barge, 1 deck barge, 1 anchor handling vessel
Project difficulties: The maximum length of the cargo of this project is 99.4m and the maximum weight of a single cargo is 3700T. We are responsible for receiving the cargo from the shipyard, wet towing to the designated operation anchorage, export customs declaration and semi-submersible transport. Due to the outbreak of epidemic in Guangzhou when the project was executed, our company coordinated all resources, overcame the difficulties of the epidemic, smoothly handled the cargo and the semi-submersible ship's preliminary related formalities, completed all related nodes on time, and ensured the cargo's operation on schedule.

2022.11.26 Jiangmen shipyard started towing over barge

2022.11.27 Dongguan shipyard towing deck barge

2022.11.27Dongguan shipyard started towing anchor handling vessel

2022.11.27 Dongguan shipyard started towing dredger

2022.11.28 Guangzhou Lantau anchorage loading

2022.11.29 Loading at Lantau anchorage in Guangzhou

2022.11.29 Loading at Lantau anchorage in Guangzhou

2022.12.04 Departure from port

From November 26th when we started towing the barge at Jiangmen shipyard to December 4th when the semi-submersible left the port, we overcame the impact of the epidemic, broke through the bottlenecks and completed the task successfully.
The weather on the day of departure was as bright and sunny as all the Greenroader who participated and completed this project. Thanks again to the trust of our customers, the cooperation of ship owners and suppliers, and the efforts of all Greenroaders, we will work together in the future, and we will definitely create another success!