Greenroad was responsible for the transcontinental transportation of materials and equipment from Montenegro to Uganda

Date: 2022.12.29
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Recently, Greenroad was responsible for the transcontinental transportation of materials and equipment from Montenegro to Uganda,which was successfully berthing.


The subject of this transport

Greenroad's overseas team needed to transport bulldozers, cranes and other construction machinery from the port of Bar, Montenegro to the port of Mombasa, Kenya.


The shipping routes from Bar, Montenegro to Mombasa, Kenya required crossing the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and crossing the European and African continents, which required high professionalism from the team.



After receiving the task, Greenroad's European team immediately started to arrange the transportation work and successfully completed the cross-state customs clearance with years of rich working experience, and now it has successfully berth before the delivery date.

In addition to being a global specialist in the transfer of third country equipment and materials, Greenroad also provides third country procurement services.


country procurement services

Greenroad International Logistics has the advantage of more than 50 branch companies around the world to provide our customers with quality services such as procurement agency services (Engineering Projects, third country material procurement, accessories, oil and gas exploration equipment procurement agency, etc.), but also construction materials such as asphalt cement rebar procurement for, etc. Greenroad is committed to provide professional engaged in the import and export business of goods and technology, to achieve the mechanical and electrical equipment, instruments, electronic products, construction and decoration materials, chemical raw materials and products, plastic products, international shipping, international engineering projects door-to-door transportation.


With professionalism and strength, Greenroad has signed agreements with many domestic and foreign suppliers of machinery and equipment, construction materials, hardware and tools, wire and cable, tires, asphalt, steel,cement etc. Relying on the national ports, overseas direct branches, international multimodal transportation integration support, we can provide DDU/DDP, DOOR TO DOOR purchasing agent, sales agent, logistics program design for customers at home and abroad.


Since the establishment of

CP-Greenroad International Logistics Ltd.

in Romania this year, Greenroad Europe has been expanding its territory. We have already established branches in Belarus, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, and will continue to open branches in Poland, Croatia, Estonia and other European countries in the future.


In the future, Greenroad International Logistics will further develop the European market and extend its logistics and services to the Baltic and Black Sea regions.