Greenroad Power, Shine on Africa

Date: 2023.01.10
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Recently, the completion ceremony of the Gouina hydropower project, which was carried by Greenroad International Logistics, was held in Mali. Chinese Ambassador to Mali Chen Zhihong attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Acting Prime Minister of Mali Abdoulaye Maiga, Prime Minister of Senegal Amadou Ba, Prime Minister of Mauritania Mohamed Bilal and Acting Prime Minister of Guinea Bernard Goumou attended the ceremony and jointly pressed the start button for the completion of the hydropower plant.

The Gouina hydropower plant can generate 621 million kWh of electricity annually, which will not only make up for the power shortage of Mali, but also greatly promote the local industry and social and economic development, and greatly improve the living conditions of local residents. This is another national "One Belt, One Road" project that greenroad is involved in.

Project Background

It is located in the west of Mali, on the Senegal River between the cities of Bafoulabé and Kaye, and is a run-of-river hydroelectric power plant with a dam height of 19 meters and a total length of 1,317 meters. It has a total installed capacity of 140 MW.
The project is highly valued by many African countries.

Greenroad's Effort

Greenroad provided logistical support for the construction of the Gueina hydroelectric power plant, completing various transportation tasks on time, safely and efficiently despite the severity of the epidemic.
Greenroad used its global network and its own fleet of vehicles to transport equipment and materials from around the world to the construction site of the Gouina hydroelectric project.

Greenroad Mali is involved in the Guina Hydroelectric Project. Greenroad Mali Branch gathered experts in various logistics fields such as engineering logistics, contract logistics, major parts transportation and cross-border e-commerce logistics, and successfully completed all the transportation tasks of the project, reflecting its strong professionalism.