Greenroad joins forces with Saudi Post, connecting the Middle East seamlessly!

Date: 2023.05.18
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On May 8th, Mr. Dmitry Trubkin, General Manager of Network Operations & Destination Countries,Express E-commerce & Courier Division of Naqel Express,Saudi Arabia Post; Mr. Rafat, the Global B2B Sales Manager, and Ms. Daisy, the Head of Naqel Express in China, visited Greenroad International Logistics and held talks with Greenroad International Logistics representatives, including Chairman Xu Qun, General Manager Xu Ke, and Executive Vice Manager Wang Hao. Both sides shared a common expectation and plan for the complementary and collaborative expansion of their respective advantages in the future in the areas of e-commerce, engineering projects, and supply chain services, and will engage in comprehensive cooperation.

Chairman Xu Qun welcomed Naqel Express' visit and stated that the cooperation between the two parties will further expand the business scope of Greenroad in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Both parties can engage in more business cooperation in the future to provide more efficient and faster logistics services.

Mr. Dmitry Trubkin emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two companies and stated that Naqel Express will strive to improve service levels and customer satisfaction. In addition, the two sides also discussed how to strengthen the logistics network and improve transportation efficiency.

The visit of Naqel Express to Greenroad injected new impetus into the future cooperation between the two companies. In cooperation, both parties will closely collaborate and fully leverage their respective advantages to jointly improve the level and efficiency of logistics services and provide customers with higher quality and more efficient logistics solutions, further promoting trade between the Middle East and China.