Ms. Xu Qun, Chairman of Greenroad, met with the delegation of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Date: 2023.06.02
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In order to further expand China-DRC international logistics and supply chain cooperation, Ms. Xu Qun, Chairman of Greenroad, together with leaders of China-Africa Business Council and China-Africa Development Fund, met with a delegation of five people led by Ms. TSHILOMBO KASALU TSHISEKEDI, daughter of the President of DRC, in Beijing on May 31. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on China-DRC cooperation plan.

Chairman Xu Qun firstly introduced greenroad International Logistics' 25 years of development and 15 years of overseas layout and business development, and shared the successful cases of greenroad's African shipping agency business with NDS Shipping Company more than 10 years ago, the joint venture project with China Wave Shipping and the support of Sudan Express for African agricultural export shipping, and emphasized that greenroad has cultivated a large number of professional and technical talents in the global logistics field.

The company has trained a large number of professional and technical talents in the global logistics field. In view of the fact that the current situation of logistics in DRC has seriously restricted the supply chain and economic and trade development for many years, Chairman Xu proposed that both sides should strengthen cooperation in two aspects: firstly, greenroad is willing to participate in the operation capacity improvement of DRC shipping companies, and secondly, we hope DRC can give necessary support in market access and customs clearance operation, and greenroad is willing to help improve the capacity and service level of land-sea intermodal transportation in DRC.

The leaders of China-Africa Business Council introduced the good momentum of China-Africa business cooperation and the preparation of this year's China-Africa Economic and Trade Forum, hoping that the African guest of honor and major African countries such as DRC will play an active role together and run this year's China-Africa economic and trade event together with China.

Ms. TSHILOMBO KASALU TSHISEKEDI, the delegation of DRC, thanked greenroad and China for the thoughtful arrangement and appreciated greenroad's proposal to enhance the logistics and supply chain capacity of DRC and strengthen the cooperation between the two sides, and will call the relevant departments of DRC to carefully study and dock the proposal, looking forward to the win-win cooperation and common development in logistics and supply chain in the future.