Prosperous Port Economy| Greenroad International Logistics was invited to participate in the 3rd Hunan (Yueyang) Port Economic and Trade Expo

Date: 2022.11.16
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From November 10th to 14th, the 3rd Hunan (Yueyang) Port Economic and Trade Expo was held in Yueyang. As a professional "end-to-end" logistics solution provider, Greenroad was invited to participate in the expo, and our executive vice general manager Wang Hao shared the keynote of China-Africa logistics in the special forum of China-Africa Port Economic and Trade Cooperation Development Forum.

During the exhibition period, provincial and municipal leaders visited Greenroad's booth and had a lot of visitors. Since the establishment of Greenroad Hunan Branch, we have actively participated in the logistics and foreign trade promotion meetings held in Hunan Province and various cities, and we have continuously penetrated into the local enterprises with logistics needs, integrated into the local market, and helped the foreign exports of Hunan and the whole Central China region.

The picture shows the director of Hunan Provincial Government Port Office, Deng Weiping, inspecting the museum
Invited by Hunan China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Research Association and the organizer, Mr. Wang Hao, the executive vice general manager of Greenroad, shared the theme of "New Practice of China-Africa Port Logistics - Going to Africa with China Logistics, Building China-Africa Full Import and Export Logistics System" in the special forum on behalf of the company, introducing to the leaders and guests the development profile of Greenroad International Logistics and the achievements of Greenroad in the field of China-Africa logistics over the years, and giving a specific explanation and analysis of the pain points and suggestions for Chinese logistics enterprises in Africa.

In order to meet the theme of "prosperous port economy, promote the rise of openness" and highlight the purpose of docking with RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) member countries, Africa and other countries and regions, the Hunan-Guangdong-Africa rail-sea intermodal transport platform operated by Greenroad set up a special area for Hunan-Guangdong-Africa rail-sea intermodal transport channel in Zhuzhou Pavilion. Ltd. to showcase the classic cases and advantages of the "Hunan-Guangdong-Africa Rail-Sea Intermodal Transport" logistics channel since its opening, which is also an innovative move of Hunan Province to build an international logistics channel between China and Africa after the China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair has settled in Hunan for a long time.